Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rumbling Through This Promised Land

When I was a boy and rock and roll music used to be heard on the FM dial in New York City at 102.7, my favorite DJ was Dave Herman.  I drove to high school listening to the "Rock N' Roll Morning Show" five days a week, which featured his daily shots of "Bruce Juice" (which given how Herman was not among the folks in New York who initially believed all of the "I have seen the future of rock and roll and his name is Bruce Springsteen" hype until a night at the Bottom Line changed his mind forever).  Every year as spring ceded its starring role on the calendar to summer, a morning's shot of Bruce Juice would invariably feature "Racing in the Street".

"Racing" has been my favorite Springsteen song since I first heard it, which I believe was on my cassette copy of Darkness on The Edge of Town, which remains (in this one man's opinion) the best Springsteen album ever made three decades after its release.  While it is my favorite Springsteen track, its length and its tone do not lend easily to radio play, particularly during morning drive.  It is somber-sounding enough that one could easily envision a program director and an on-air personality ending up as defendants in a wrongful death suit arising out of a motorist's decision to run his car into a bridge abutment due to the unrelenting sadness of the melody emanating from his car's radio.  Yet faithfully every year Herman dropped the needle on it and played it - traffic accidents be damned!  I loved him for doing it then and lo these many years later I love him for providing me with that particular piece of grist for the memory mill.

This morning the Missus and I shall awaken at the Shore.  Today, for the first time I am participating in a race known as the Spring Lake 5.  Gidg is running in it too.  But for the preachings and teachings of my law partner and running guru Mr. Gerst I would not have ever known a damn thing about it.  Thanks to him, this morning the three of us (Gidg, Arnie and me) will be accompanied by 10,000 runners or so through the streets of Spring Lake, which is the Irish Riviera at the Shore.  This morning - under what is supposed to be a mostly sunny and fairly warm sky (happy we start at 8:30 with a high temperature of 85 degrees in the forecast), we shall be doing a bit of racing in the street.  Looking forward to it?  You better believe it.  In order to be certain that we had a spot in the field, we signed up in February. 

February?  Yep, February.  Way back then, it was the dead of winter.  But this morning?  Summer is here. And the time is most certainly right.


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