Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making Progress

In case you missed it - what with all the coverage devoted to the Rapture and to the Subway Series - police in Los Angeles announced over the weekend that they had arrested at least one of the pieces of human garbage who assaulted Bryan Stow in a parking lot outside Dodgers Stadium on the Opening Night of the 2011 baseball season.  Stow apparently had the audacity to wear San Francisco Giants garb to the game that night.  As a Giants fan, whatever the hell could have been thinking?  What cheek.  What nerve.  After the game ended, as Stow was walking through the lot - and by all accounts minding his own business - he was attacked and brutally beaten by the several members of the Dodgers fan base that one suspects the team feels most fortunate to have on its side. 

The beating Stow received was brutal.  Almost two months after he was attacked, he remains hospitalized.  On at least one occasion during the time that has passed since the assault, his doctors have placed him into a medically induced coma to help prevent seizures.  Stow is forty-two years old and a father of two.  He earns his living as a paramedic.  Hell of a reward for a life spent in the service of others; eh?  Almost getting beaten to death for wearing a baseball cap and a jersey....at a baseball game.  

Arrested Sunday was Giovanni Ramirez, who the LAPD has described as the leader of the attack on Stow.  Always good to know who is in the role of Coward #1.  Giovanni appears to be the one here.  Here is to hoping that if Giovanni is indeed the one whose malevolence has forever altered the life trajectory of Stow and his family that when it is time for him to pay his debt to society,  he is incarcerated in one of California's northern state prisons......and required to spend his days and nights with a Dodgers cap stapled to his head and a jersey crazy glued to his body.  

After all, should he not have the opportunity to experience the thrill of opening night himself?  Over and over and over.


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