Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hide No More

It took approximately nine and one-half years from the date on which Osama Bin Laden, with evil glee, took credit for being the mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacks on this nation, until United States Special Forces killed him - having tracked him down to a compound in Pakistan.  His death set off celebrations across this nation - including at Ground Zero in Lower Manhattan.  I do not pretend to know whether news of his death did a damn thing to assuage the grief of all of those who lost a loved one on 09/11, whether in Lower Manhattan, at the Pentagon on in a field in rural Pennsylvania.  I hope it did.  Those folks have all suffered enough.

I read on-line Monday morning that prior to making his announcement to the nation on Sunday night, President Obama telephoned his predecessors President Bush and President Clinton to share the news with both men.  Across political and sometimes very personal lines, these three men - from the time that one succeeded another - have shared a dog in this fight.  President Obama told the nation that among the first orders of business he gave CIA Director Leon Pannetta upon taking office in January 2009 was the capture or the killing of Bin Laden.  One presumes that Mr. Pannetta's upcoming confirmation hearing to succeed Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense will proceed without a hitch.

If all of the world's evil was contained in the body of one man, then we would all be able to sleep a lot easier tonight.  But it is not.  Vigilance therefore remains the watchword of the day.  Almost immediately upon the news of Bin Laden's death being announced came announcements from the government about the ramping up of security at American Embassies worldwide.  Closer to home the Port Authority of New York/New Jersey announced it was stepping up its security presence at its airports, bus terminals and train stations.

While it is many months away, driving to work Monday morning I could not help but wonder what this development will mean for the 2011 Tunnel to Towers Run that will take place on September 25th.  Its link to 09/11 is inextricable.  This year's edition, coming as the nation observes one decade since that horrible day, promised to be extremely emotional before this happened.  Now, I cannot even approximate the vibe of that day.  I would wager that there will be even more members of the NYPD and other law enforcement agencies at the event this year than there were even this past September. 

There shall be no funeral for Bin Laden.  In death, he was cast as Luca Brasi in the terrorist d-bag production of "The Godfather".  When one considers that a lot of people who lost a loved one at the World Trade Center on September 11 (whether a person in one of the Towers or a person on one of the two planes) never were presented with a body to bury, one cannot help but wonder (at least this one) if our Commander-in-Chief signed off on a bit of karmic payback.  There is more than a little part of me that hopes he did although much like a good poker player he shall never tip his hand. 

Ladies and Gentlemen......Martha Reeves & the Vandellas!


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