Monday, May 9, 2011

A Good Night's Rest

Last night, after clearing away the dinner dishes from our Mother's Day celebration, the Missus and I watched the President on 60 Minutes.  The interview did not discuss his beloved Chicago White Sox or his thoughts on the NBA playoffs - in spite of his well-known penchant and passion for sports.  It discussed the subject of the day these days:  the removal of Osama Bin Laden from this planet. 

I know not how one could not come away from the President's conversation with Steve Kroft impressed by the plan to get our Public Enemy #1 or the decision-making process to implement the plan.  From my perspective - as someone who voted for "the other guy" in 2008, it was reassuring to hear him describe how what was done was done.  And most reassuring of all to me was to hear him say that the one part of the plan that caused him no loss of sleep was its goal:  the killing of Bin Laden.  To my eye and ear he gave credit where credit was due - to the intelligence folks who developed the information that became the framework of the plan and the members of the SEAL unit who executed it. 

Well done Mr. President. 


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