Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Bug's Life

A number of years ago Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits recorded a song called, "The Bug".  While Knopfler is among my favorite singers and songwriters and under his stewardship Dire Straits contributed quite a representative share of memorable songs to the rock n' roll catalog, "The Bug" is not among his better efforts and is essentially forgettable. 

But there is a song for every occasion.  And late yesterday afternoon - shortly before five o'clock - the jury on the case I had spent the past week trying in Jersey City did what I had spent the entirety of the trial fearing that they were going to do.  They crafted an occasion that suited that particular song to a "T".  Actually I had not spent the entirety of the trial fearing the verdict.  It was something that I had been dreading for close to a year - since the first time the case was listed for trial. 

Having spent a year anticipating a bad result, I take no pleasure from the fact that my prognostication skills kick Harold Camping's from here to the Rapture and beyond.  It is far more fun when a trial ends to be the windshield than it is to be the bug.  Sometimes unfortunately it does not work out that way.

Splatter happens.  Fortunately the sun continues to rise in the East and life goes on. 


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