Thursday, May 19, 2011

As You Like It

While attempting to escape from Jersey City last night I heard something on the radio that reinforced my belief that chimps cry themselves to sleep at night cursing their spot on the food chain.  In the interests of full disclosure I was not so much attempting to escape from Jersey City as I was just trying to get home after the first day of trial.  Unfortunately the combination of the relentless rain and Jersey City's utter lack of elevation (it appears to be located either at or below sea level) made getting out of town seemingly a fool's errand.  In the car a block away from the Brennan Courthouse at 4:30. Out of the car in our driveway 'NTSG at 7:00.  It was about as much fun as it sounds.

Sitting in traffic somewhere in Newark whatever station I was listening to had a DJ on who apparently just had a baby.  I know that only because he used his experience picking out a name to set up a story he had read about another couple and their naming efforts.  According to the DJ, this other couple just had a little girl - their first child.  And the name of choice?  "Like". 

You read that correctly.  Parents in these United States named their daughter, "Like".  Their inspiration?  The button on Facebook.  You read that correctly too.  Her parents named her after the "like" button on Facebook.  Here's to hoping that all three of them live nice long lives....long enough for Like to be responsible for making Mom and Dad's end-of-life medical decisions.  Revenge is a dish best served cold; right?

Then again, maybe George Costanza was simply a man ahead of his time.


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