Monday, April 11, 2011

Twenty Twenty

Yesterday I reached the outer limits of my marathon training program.  In twenty short days I shall run (along with several thousand other hardy souls) in the New Jersey Marathon.  For the past thirteen weeks, I have been adhering to a training program that I found on  Yesterday, on the Sunday that marked the end of Week 13 I ran the longest run that the training program mandates I run in preparation for the Marathon.  I remain not entirely convinced that running 20 miles will in fact prepare me to run 26.2 but having now completed it, I do not intend to attempt any distances longer than 20 miles between now and Marathon day. 

The good news is that I completed it.  The even better news for me is that I did so in slightly less than three hours.  My goal for the Marathon is to finish in less than four hours.  At least by completing the twenty-mile training run under three hours, I have succeeded in keeping my goal within reach.  Of course, a goal contemplated on the 10th of April is not the same as a goal realized on the 1st of May.  Whether it shall be made remains to be seen.

A question that shall be answered one way or the other in twenty short days.......

.....well nineteen short days that shall be followed by one very long one.


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