Sunday, April 24, 2011


Whether it is ironic or coincidental that the final Sunday before the Sunday on which I may have volunteered to end my own life (an opportunity I paid for by the way!) is one on which Catholics the world over celebrate the Resurrection of Christ, I do not pretend to know.  I know simply that today is the final pre-Marathon Sunday on my training calendar.  An undertaking that once was months off in the distance now looms squarely ahead:  seven days out.

We live in the Information Age so for the past forty-eight hours or so I have been able to cast an eyeball on the projected weather for this time next week.  A possibility of rain - not raised yet (and perhaps not at all) to the level of a probability - is in Sunday's forecast.  When I last looked at the forecast, the percentage likelihood of rain was somewhere between 30-50%.  At those percentages I am not too concerned about getting wet.  After all, when I took calculus for one interminably long marking period my senior year in high school, I consistently attained test scores in the range of 30-50%.  As Mrs. Eserner was forced to remind me time and time again, those percentages are not indicia of success.  My hope is simply that the same rules that apply to calculus apply to precipitation.

On my desk in my office I have a Post-It with an Abraham Lincoln quotation that I have spent a considerable amount of time both staring at and mulling over these past fifteen weeks.  "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any one thing."  The source is Lincoln so I do not question the veracity of the sentiment.  Its accuracy remains to be validated.  Lincoln was as honest as he was tall but he was also human.  He was wrong occasionally, not counting the fateful decision to take in a show at the Ford's Theatre.  Throughout this process I have found his words helpful.  The road traveled the past four months has featured a hell of a lot of boring, alone time.  Time spent grinding through solo runs of up to twenty miles.  A lot of time to think when you run - especially when you run at the un-gazelle like pace at which I do.  Resolution is of paramount importance.

Talk is cheap.  By day's end this time next Sunday I shall know whether I have done more than simply "talked the talk", which is of course the easy part of the equation, and have "run the run" as well.  I know that Margaret shall be there at race's end, cheering for me, having lived this experience with me for the past four months.  She will be there cheering for Gidg too.  At some point after we complete the race, we shall (presuming that we are something close to upright and functional) repair to Rooney's for a bit of food and an adult beverage or two. 

The preparation is essentially complete.  Now comes the fun part.   As the song says, "It's one thing to start it with a positive jam/And it's another thing to see it on through.".....

....and we all raise a glass to the power of positive thinking.  And to completion of the designated task.


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