Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Poet and a One-Man Band

This evening I have a happy detour on my way home from work.  Tonight, prior to making the trek south on 287, I shall make the trek east from Parsippany to Newark.  My mission is a happy one.  I shall pick up Rob at the airport as he commences what shall be (as it always is) a too-short stay in my favorite time zone. 

It is true that in only six short days I shall perform one of my least favorite tasks, which is dropping him off at the airport to wing his way westward once again.  But being a short-sighted coward I choose not to see next Tuesday from here.  At some point I shall be forced to acknowledge its presence above the horizon line.  That point is not today.

Rob's trip home is work-related.  Fortunately though it coincides with a family event - the baptism of Megan/Adam's twins.  Margaret has one sibling - her brother Frank.  A couple of months ago, Frank's oldest daughter and her husband Adam (is it just me or is his name really, really cool?) welcomed not one but two babies into the world:  Halle and Nicholas.  Sunday each of the bambinos takes a turn in the holy dunk tank. 

While the Lord and I have a relationship that has been well-documented here, which relationship centers principally on our agreement to not darken one another's door, Sunday an exception shall be made for the baptism.  I will be certain to wear my lightning rod hat and to stand at least 30 feet away from everyone else in the audience in order to minimize the impact of a stray shot or an errant ricochet.  I care not at all about the dunking from a religious perspective.  I am excited however that because of the post-dunking party, Rob will have a chance to see a lot of family who he might not otherwise have a chance to see during this particular road trip.

I would not pretend to speak for Rob.  At age twenty-five he is more than capable of speaking for himself.  But in my mind's eye, I still see here as his home.  And today - even if it is for just a metaphorical cup of coffee - he is homeward bound


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