Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mother Knows Best

While the weather in these parts was borderline brutal yesterday - particularly so in the latter half of the day where there were reported sightings of trios of animals playing rock, paper & scissors for the two spots on Noah's big boat - Mother Nature's hissy fit was not without its benefits.

For reasons neither known nor of any interest to me at all, a bunch of knuckle-dragging hate mongers who identify themselves as the National Socialist Movement, picked yesterday afternoon to descend upon the Statehouse in Trenton for a rally.  Who are the members of the National Socialist Movement?  They are neo-Nazis.  Because Naziism was such a great idea in its original iteration, one never can have enough neo-Nazis.  Especially suburban New Jersey neo-Nazis.  As if ignorance is a new idea. 

Whether it was the weather's influence I know not, but according to the story I read on-line, only 50 of these colossal thinkers assembled for yesterday's MENSA meeting.  They were met by a number of counter-protesters.  Lucky for the State Police; eh?  They had the pleasure of refereeing Saturday's festivities.  And of course they did a thoroughly professional job. 

Saturday's rally ended less spectacularly than a rather well-known gathering of one of this bunch's sister organizations in the great state of Illinois.  Well played Joliet Jake.  I for one second your emotion.


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