Friday, April 29, 2011

The Birth of a Nation

If Donald Trump did not exist - and Hollywood created him as a character either for a movie or a television series - his combination of bombast, bravado and buffoonery would probably have some critics and viewers both questioning whether such a person actually exists in walk around, day-to-day life.  Nevertheless, here he is - in the flesh.  A real-life really rich guy.  I have been reading about Mr. Trump for twenty-five years and know not whether he is a billionaire, a multi-millionaire or a wholly leveraged, constant source of hot air.  It all depends upon whom you ask.

Presumably I am not the only person who thinks that Mr. Trump's declared interest in perhaps pursuing the nomination of the Republican Party as its candidate for President in 2012 is nothing more than bait - designed to reel more viewers to the train wreck of a television show of his that airs on NBC.  I actually saw on-line somewhere last week that at least one NBC executive thinks that Trump's alleged interest in public office is simply his way of trying to put eyeballs in front of the set on Sunday nights to watch his show.  I did not watch the show before THE Donald (perhaps the second most inane use of that article in the English language - or the third if you concur with my friend Eric) began dipping his toe in the political waters.  I still do not.

I care little whether Mr. Trump runs for the Republican nomination or not.  As long as the time he wastes is his own and the money he spends is....well as long as it is not mine, then I can not even feign interest in purchasing a rat's ass (even at wholesale prices) to give to the cause.  I do care though when he and the rest of the idiots on both sides of the so-called "birther" controversy waste the time of the rest of us sowing the seeds of discord over something as absurd as a claim that the President of the United States is not in fact an American citizen.  If we were presently living on the glide in a time of economic prosperity and global tranquility, then it would almost seem simple enough to reserve a portion of the pool for kiddie swim and allow this stupidity to rage on unabated as long as it did not impede upon the adult swimmers among us.  Unfortunately we do not live in such a time. 

Maybe it is because times are tough and real solutions to real problems seem to be in such short supply that there are many among us who find such distractions to be worthy of our attention.  It is human nature to want to avoid for as long as possible dealing with the truly meaty and potentially ugly issues of the day.  How many of us have put off doing a particularly difficult or challenging task at work because of its difficulty while opting instead to fill our day with as many less challenging, less time-consuming tasks as possible?  You could not see my hand because I raised it as I was writing this - and not as you are reading it but I assure you it was raised.

And when the consequences of such frivolity impact only us directly then the cost of time lost to distraction ("Hey a butterfly!"....sorry I digress) is ours to bear.  However, when those consequences resonate outward and impact all of us to a degree, which they do for this reason:  Time devoted to bullshit is time not devoted to really important shit - it must not be tolerated.  For all of those folks on either side of this issue, enough already.  This nation has important business to attend to.  If you want to participate in the process, then commit yourself to it, pull up a chair and get involved.  If however you truly believe that this nonsense is not in fact nonsense, then gather up your ball and jacks and go find another playground in which to spend your afternoons.  Preferably one so far away that if you scream, no one will be able to hear you.

If you have time to waste and the wish to waste it, then go right ahead.  'Tis the land of the free after all.  But stop wasting everyone else's time.  Recess is over.  The grown-ups have work to do.


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