Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Swim at Your Own Risk

Somber business on tap this week. I shall fly to Richmond, Virginia on Thursday (and from there to home as well). I am heading south of the Mason-Dixon Line for the day but not because I want to shake the hand of the coach and players I correctly picked through to the Round of 16 (where by the way I have them losing to Kansas so if Coach Mooney and his kids could give one final assist to my bracket on their way to the off-season I would appreciate it very much). I shall of course keep my betting interest in Friday night's regional semi-final to myself. No sense making enemies of folks I have not even met yet.

I represent a gentleman in a motor vehicle vs. pedestrian case (I always bet on the motor vehicle in that matchup. I find the couple of additional tons of weight really makes a difference), which case is scheduled for trial in May in Essex County. My client is a nice older gentleman who moved to Virginia about a year ago in order to care for his elderly mother. Now, confronted with some rather dire health issues of his own, he is physically unable to make the trip to New Jersey. He will not be able to come north in May and assist in his own defense at trial.

Thursday, in what shall likely be the final time I shall see him, we shall spend a bit of time together as his trial testimony is preserved via the magic of video tape to be played for a jury that shall never meet him face-to-face. Talk about a party no one should ever have to host: two attorneys, a stenographer and a videographer inside of the four walls of your home. In the interest of full disclosure, the latter two are fine. It is the first half of the quartet no one should ever have to entertain.

With any luck by the time Thursday arrives Mother Nature will have decided that she really wants it to be Spring here in the State of Concrete Gardens. It is going to be a long enough travel day without adding inclement weather into the mix.

What a shallow f*ck I am. A trip necessitated by the terminal condition of my client's health and my principal concern is whether the weather will impede my efforts to get in and out of the terminal at Newark Airport. Not simply a man am I but a prince.

I tend to think of what I do to earn my living as ham 'n egger stuff. One needs not to be a rocket scientist to do what I do. Truth is, any idiot can do it......and quite a few of us do. It is rarely if ever a matter of anything other than money. It most assuredly usually does NOT implicate matters of life and death. This week it does. I hope for my client's sake that his lawyer proves not to be out of his depth.


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