Sunday, March 20, 2011

Strange Allies with Warring Hearts

We have all seen it. On what certainly seems to be every passenger's side mirror of every car made within the past two decades or so, etched in the glass is "Objects may be closer than they appear." I have never seen that etching in the glass - even one time - of a driver's side mirror. Why is it on one and not the other? Are objects seen through the driver's side mirror never closer than they appear to be, which would render the warning unnecessary? Are car manufacturers all in cahoots to keep us from knowing that said objects are indeed closer than they appear? They have decided perhaps that making drivers aware of that fact would only make people fret over one more thing over which they have little to no control. Better to keep us in the dark. Ignorance is rumored to be blissful.

The thing of it is that more often than we realize the distance that separates us from something or someone we love is different than we think it is. We can be seemingly well-connected to something - right next to it as it were - and be so far removed from it that our ignorance over our situation might not make us happy but most assuredly provides entertainment and water cooler conversation to those around us whose spatial recognition is superior to our own.

Miscalculation of distance between a fixed object and us can be humorous. Miscalculation of the distance between one we love and us never is. In fact, it can be something decidedly blacker than humorous. And proof of the fact that ignorance is not always bliss....

....but merely a repository for fickle, fuddled words.


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