Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Roll Up A Mighty Score

Tonight the Missus and me have a meeting across the river.  We are off to Madison Square Garden to watch the Alma mater play in the NIT Semi-Finals against Alabama.  This is the first time since 1990-91 that the Buffs have made it this far in any iteration of college basketball's post-season.  A score ago, the last time they were here, I sat with Jill and Joe in their home in West Trenton and together we watched as Shaun Vandiver and his teammates lost to Oklahoma.  If memory serves correctly, the Buffs bounced back to win the 3rd place game against U. Mass.  The 3rd place game.  Yet another thing that separates the Big Dance from the not-quite-so Big Dance.  In the NIT, they play pretend that anyone gives a rat's ass who finishes in 3rd place.  The NCAA gave up that silliness more than a quarter-century ago.

Being a Buff alumni, I persuaded Margaret that if we were going to make a trip to NYC to see the Buffs play, we should make the trip tonight as opposed to waiting for Thursday's championship game.  At the risk of being a glass half-empty type of fellow, my concern in waiting until Thursday to make the journey is that by Thursday night there may not be any need to make it at all.  I do not spend Thursday night in Manhattan to take in a 3rd place game. And while I did not ask her what her position is on this particular subject, I presume that Margaret would be similarly disinclined.

It is almost comical that in the twenty-five plus years since I first became a member of the CU family - including four of which that I spent within walking distance of the Events Center in Boulder - tonight will mark the first time I have ever seen the Buffs men's hoops team play live.  I know not how many CU fans shall be in the building although from what I have read in the Daily Camera on-line this past week, I think there shall be a representative amount of black and gold in the building.

Last week, Joe, Margaret and me were slated to make a trip into Manhattan and the weather screwed us.  Tonight - weather be damned.  Margaret and I shall be in attendance at MSG regardless. I shall be rooting hard for my Buffs but I make the trip with no expectations whatsoever.  If they win tonight, then Thursday night I shall make a bit of time to watch them from the comfort of my den competing for the right to chant, "We're Number 69!  We're Number 69!"

Shoulder to shoulder boys.  Shoulder to shoulder.


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