Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Power to the People

As a prelude perhaps to doing something that shall take long to do but not necessarily be gobs of fun in the doing tomorrow, today I am spending the day in an opposite pursuit. Joe, my father-in-law, loves Judge Judy (the TV program - not the woman. I do not want to bring some sort of stalking charges to bear on him). Sadly, America's favorite doily-wearing jurist tapes her show in Burbank, California, which sort of makes it inaccessible to him and her East Coast fan base.

Fortunately, The People's Court tapes its episodes (sorry, its "cases") in Manhattan. Joe's birthday is this month. A couple of months back, at my wife's urging, I sent an e-mail to The People's Court inquiring about how one might get tickets to watch a day's worth of taping. As it turns out, it is a one-step process. You send an e-mail requesting tickets. When they have an opening in their studio audience, they contact you and send you tickets. Pretty complicated stuff; eh? Our tickets arrived about ten days ago. We are attending today's taping. So instead of spending my day at work, I shall spend it with Margaret and Joe in Manhattan. He is quite excited about it. While neither Margaret nor I watch The People's Court on a regular basis (crazy little thing called work gets in the way of my afternoon TV viewing habits), we are excited about it simply because he is really looking forward to it. I do not know if science recognizes the principle of anticipation through osmosis but if it does, then that is the name for what we are feeling.

Hopefully the weather, which as been consistently inconsistent thus far this week, responds favorably to the three of us and gives us sunshine to accompany us on our most excellent adventure. Although Joe was born and raised in Brooklyn, he does not get into Manhattan very much at this point in his life. It is not a place that Margaret and I frequent either. All three of us are looking forward to not simply being part of television history (too much? I concur) but of sharing a mental health day.

I am hedging my bet. I am bringing a pocketful of business cards with me - just in case. One never knows when and where opportunity might knock. Sometimes the sound of a hand rapping on a door and that of a gavel rapping on a bench are indistinguishable from one another.

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