Saturday, March 19, 2011

On the Eve of the Equinox

I grasp the notion that tomorrow is the first day of spring but forgive me and the rest of us here in the State of Concrete Gardens if we believe that we channeled our inner Oklahomans yesterday and got a jump on the start of the new season. It was simply extraordinary everywhere I looked and everywhere I went on Friday. Blue sky. Bright sunshine. A nice breeze moving around warm - but not too warm - air. It was the type of day that you would kick yourself in the ass for missing. And you would be justified in doing so.

Perhaps Mother Nature believed in her heart of hearts that since winter in these parts seemed to have lasted eleven times longer than usual this year, we were entitled to an early parole. She sprung us from the winter doldrums a day or two ahead of schedule. I assure though that the squeals and screams you heard on playgrounds and bike paths and on tennis courts and golf courses Statewide yesterday were not uttered in dismay. There is no noise like joyful noise.

At the risk of spitting squarely in the face of fate, I am constrained to admit that I really have no clue what this weekend's forecast is - although at first glance out the window this morning I saw no trios of animals playing rock, paper & scissors for a spot of Noah's big boat - and I have a vague recollection (the peril of going through life only half-listening to those around you) of either Margaret or Suz telling me that it is supposed to be pretty nice both today and tomorrow. I hope they are right. Considering that most of the conversations in my house with either of them end with one or the other pointing out to me the correctness of her position on a particular issue, I presume that they shall be proven so.

Time moves at us and past us pretty quickly. That can often be a daunting thing but every now and then it is a good thing. Today is March's nineteenth day and the penultimate Saturday of the month. By the time we reach April's first Saturday - only fourteen short days away - we will not only be celebrating Rob's birthday (or more correctly hoping that he came through the celebration of his birthday unscathed) but also the impending arrival of Opening Day of the 2011 baseball season. Good things happens when Spring springs; right?

Especially when it arrives a day or two ahead of schedule.


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