Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Life's a Beach.....

Belmar, New Jersey is - as far as I can tell - a very cool little Shore town.  It is not a place where I have spent a great deal of time but on the trips I have made there, I have enjoyed myself.  Its former mayor gained a bit of notoriety a few years ago for his rather candid and cutting assessment of some of his town's summer residents.  While he caught some flack for his comments, in some circles he was lauded for his candor

Mayor Pringle is not in fact the mayor of Belmar any longer.  He chose not to run for re-election the last time the office was up for grabs.  However even as he enjoys his retirement from public service, those he left behind to run Belmar have been busy tending to important business.  About a week or so ago, Belmar overturned an ordinance that required a person to get written permission from the town council "if they planned to build something out of the sand."  Yep, you read that correctly.  Prior to last week, Belmar had a law on its local books that required written permission from the town council be given to a person wanting to build a sand castle

All kidding aside, it does not appear as if the powers-that-be in Belmar expended much time or effort in the enforcement of this particular ordinance.  Apparently Belmar has sponsored a sand castle construction competition annually every summer for the past quarter-century.  While the town fathers and mothers of Belmar have loosened the rules, it is not as if anarchy is going to be permitted to become the order of the day on its beaches.  The newly revised ordinance requires he or she who "relocates" the sand to return it from whence it came prior to departing.  In other words, building a sand castle is fine just as long as you knock that sucker down at day's end.  Perhaps this will afford beach going parents an "in" to teaching their children about the vagaries and uncertainties of the housing market.

Castles in the sand.  They'll never, never stand.


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