Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Hanging with Mr Cooper

For all I know he has been where he is presently situated since Boxing Day. So much snow has fallen here in the State of Concrete Gardens since Christmas that the likelihood of him having simply laid low and blended in with his surroundings for the past two-plus months is closer to probability than it is to possibility. He has lived a life of splendid, relentless anonymity.

No longer. As the daytime temperatures here in Parsippany have reached the dizzying heights of the 40's and 50's more often than not over the past couple of weeks, he has assumed a more prominent role in the Firm's parking lot. Perhaps it is simply the weather that has given him staying power. Rather, his longevity might in fact be the result of more than good breeding. His environment might have contributed to it as well.

By his environment I mean - of course - residency on a paved, relatively flat surface that winter in and winter out is entrusted for reasons that continue to boggle my mind to an outfit whose snow-removal efforts have never reached the level of a full moon. Nope. They are half-assed all the way. It is possible I suppose that matched up against a more worthy adversary he would have bid us adieu at or about Valentine's Day. He was not. Therefore he did not. St. Patrick's Day is less than ten days away and yet he remains.

He is plainly visible now. All of his comrades in frozen precipitate have deserted him. He evokes comparison to the locust who erroneously requests an 18 year wake-up call. He is now an army of one.

Considering that I have spent most mornings over the past two and one-half months devising clever ways to approach what little sliver of macadam remained available out of what had heretofore been my parking space, I cannot say that I shall lament his passing. Yet as all of his friends have abandoned him and as his rally cry, "Remember the Blizzard of '10!" has gone unanswered by those of his species, he has approached his certain fate with a calm and an air of quiet resignation that is almost majestic. He shall not beg. He shall not plead. He shall not negotiate. He shall simply stand and fight until he has nothing left with which to fight. He will die with his boots on. He shall never surrender.

As snow mounds go, this one has been in our parking lot long enough to have established residency and to have qualified for in-county tuition at CCM. He has been one brave little snow mound. But now the struggle is over.

His day has been too long.


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