Friday, March 25, 2011

Down to an Indian Blanket on a Pony

Mother Nature is a fickle mistress. On Wednesday, she through a king-sized kibosh on our plan to spend the day prowling around Manhattan. Being that the trip into the City was designed to be part of Joe's birthday present, Margaret and I entrusted him with veto power and - given that he wanted the day to be about what we were doing and not the elements in which we were attempting to do it - he exercised it. While I do not envision much difficulty in getting back onto the ticket list and getting to see the show from a comfy seat in the audience (sorry - "courtroom"), it was a disappointment all the way around that we did not end up where we intended to end up on Wednesday.

Instead of taking the day off, I made a later than usual drive to the office. People think I am crazy for commuting at 4:00 a.m. Respectfully, I think anyone who chooses to drive from his/her home to place of employment between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m. is the one who needs some couch time with a mental health professional. Acknowledging that the weather played a role in slowing my pursuit north on 287 - at least to a degree - I arrived at the office wondering how and why anyone opts to make that silliness part of their daily grind. Happiness is open road on which to drive - even if it is happiness found only in the pre, pre-dawn hours of the morning. Wednesday's drive to work was the antithesis of happiness.

From what I saw on television - before nodding off altogether - Tuesday night Boulder Colorado was a pretty happy place to be. The Buffs defeated Kent State in the NIT (a/k/a "the other tournament") quarterfinals. Thus, next Tuesday they will travel east to NYC for the final Four - NCAA regulations require me to acknowledge that since scant few outside of the participating schools give a rat's ass who shall play next week in Madison Square Garden the "f" in final must be lowercase. While ours is neither a distinguished nor noteworthy hoops history, this year's edition of the BasketBuffs has set a school record for wins.

They have also shown themselves to be a group of kids with wonderfully thick skin. On March 13 they gathered at Coach Boyle's home in anticipation of learning who their first-round opponent in the NCAA Tournament was to be. It turned out that the answer to that question was, "No one." It could have been worse I suppose in that it could have been VCU. Rather than sulk about it, Coach Boyle's players have made the most of their invitation to the National Invitation Tournament. While I hope they can win their next two games, I am a jaundiced enough alumni to admit that I do not anticipate that they shall.

But who knows. Perhaps just this once, instead of going out like a lamb, March can go out like a buffalo. The difference between the two species (particularly when viewed from space through a GAF Viewmaster) is negligible. And if it does, for this one year at least, then we just might view the Hudson as our buffalo river home.


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