Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Less Philling

I could not help but think of John Hiatt this morning, which is in and of itself always an excellent thing. As an aside, if you are not familiar with his music then acquaint yourself. While among life's many mysteries - for me anyway - is how talentless hacks like Nickelback sell millions of records while talented musicians like Hiatt sell only thousands, it is what it is. There is no accounting for taste. And even less for record sales.

Anyway, a couple of decades back Mr. Hiatt put out an album called "Stolen Moments". Among the tracks on that particular album was "Seven Little Indians". This morning, one of its lyrics struck me as particularly appropriate:

The seven little Indians knew
That if the rest of the tribe
Ever scrutinized their household
That they would not pass inspection.

It struck me as particularly appropriate because this morning - in what will likely be miserable weather (if the first thirty-two days of this year are any guide) - a group of humans will gather around Punxsutawney Phil, the most famous groundhog in Pennsylvania and presumably the world to see whether the over sized rat sees his own shadow.

Whether a groundhog is actually capable of seeing his own shadow would seem to my jaundiced eye to be an open question. After all, if groundhogs possessed such discerning eyesight then one would presume that they would do a better job of noting the shadows of others.....such as birds of prey that pick their fat asses off as they spend their days doing whatever it is that groundhogs spend the other 364 days of the year doing.

Presuming that what Jane Curtin and John Lithgow spent several years doing several years ago was - while fictional - not impossible and there really are folks out there scoping out what we are doing down here, I cannot help but think that a group of bobos in a certain Pennsylvania town would not pass inspection.


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