Saturday, February 19, 2011

Days Like These

We had a little taste of Spring here 'NTSG the past few days. Yesterday was simply terrific. For the first time since the day after Christmas my front lawn was comprised of more grass than snow. In my head I know that we are but two-thirds of the way through February and that winter weather will make at least one more protracted appearance before it bids us farewell. But in my heart, yesterday's mercury rising was the meteorological equivalent of a B-12 shot.

Every week has the same number of days. Still, some seem longer than others. This week has been one of those. Between things that have happened in my day-to-day and events that have gone on in other parts of the world that impact upon those I love, it has felt like "Leap Week" - 366 days crammed into a space normally occupied by only 7.

Yet in the middle of all of the insanity (or more properly stated towards the end of it seeing how it was a Friday), yesterday popped its head up above the horizon line. For anyone who has felt this week a kinship to the two unfortunate divers from Open Water yesterday felt as if someone had finally spotted you bobbing on the waves for all you were worth and tossed you a life rope. Everyone needs to be rescued at least once. Some of us need it more often than that. Whether you are fortunate enough to belong to the former group or you occupy space along with a lot of the rest of us in the latter group, yesterday your ship did indeed come in.

It is still February of course and today's weather forecast contained a "Wind Alert", which usually serves as a cautionary tale for those of us who sport heads that are disproportionately large. Everyone loves a parade float on Thanksgiving but not so much on the 19th of February. And while I drove home yesterday with my car window open, enjoying the sounds and the sights of kids riding their bikes, running around and just being outside in the late afternoon enjoying the weather, I understand that the very real possibility exists that before Spring officially gets here, my windows will again be securely closed and Skate's heater will be again pumping out hot air.......and not just in an effort to keep up with its operator's output in that department.

Yesterday was what it was. It was just a day. But what a day. It was absolutely just what I needed at the time that I needed it the most. Well done Mother Nature. Well done indeed.


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