Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Chase and The Pursuit

I hope I do not jinx us. It is certainly not my intention. But because it is such a wonderful turn of events I am compelled to point out what a treat the weather has been here 'NTSG lately. Yesterday, I ran in Princeton. When we first arrived in Princeton at a bit before 9:00 a.m. it was certainly not balmy. But by 10:00 a.m. - when the starting gun was fired - it had turned into a pleasant morning. It was what all of us who had gathered hoped it would be - a good day to run.

I have no idea now many people participated in yesterday's event. Margaret said that from her vantage point near the starting line it appeared as if there were more people in the race than last year. Presuming that the Missus and her informal arithmetic were correct, an uptick in participation might have been related to a markedly nicer day to run this year than last. It also might have been related to the fact that this year's event marked only the third time that Community Options Inc. has put on a Cupid's Chase 5K in Princeton. When an event is in its infancy it takes time to grow. And its growth is dependent in large part on (a) repeat participants; and (b) word-of-mouth.

As someone who will never finish at the front of the pack in any race competed over any distance under any conditions, I know not how many folks crossed the finish line ahead of me. It sure seemed as if I was looking at a lot of backs of heads as I ran. Too many to count in fact. Irrespective of finishing position, I am pleased that I completed the run yesterday - run over the same course on which we ran in 2010 - four and one-half minutes faster this year than last. Gidg had a similar improvement in her time.

I was even more pleased that the hard work to date training for the marathon is paying off in terms of how my legs feel and my lungs feel after I run hard - even for a relatively short distance. It was cold enough yesterday that breathing was a tad painful and had to be modified in order to minimize pain. Yet at the end of the race, although I had run hard, when I crossed the finish line I was not breathing particularly hard or feeling as if I had run 100 miles. It was quite an enjoyable feeling.

Check back with me after today's marathon training run, which is ten miles. Methinks I might be feeling a bit differently about things..... May 1 looms ever larger on the horizon line.


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