Sunday, January 2, 2011

A Young Man Goes West

While it is a matter in which I have no vote and even less say, if I had my druthers then Rob being home would not be an event. It would be a Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately, even if I actually possess druthers, something of which I am less than certain, experience has taught me that they have no power. No value whatsoever.

That explains I suppose why this morning I find myself doing something that I have sincerely come to dread. I shall take Rob to the airport for the purpose of helping him begin his most recent migration West. In my mind's eye I always see this journey as me watching him leave home. My mind's eye sees what my heart feels. My head knows better. Here is where Rob is from. There - Colorado - is where he presently lives. In my heart, I still think of here as his home. Presently it is not. Perhaps it shall be again. That decision is not mine to make. Nor should it be. It is a decision properly entrusted to the person whose life is most directly impacted by it. He shall make whatever he feels and believes to be the best decision for him. And those of us who love him shall hope that he is correct.

Whenever that day is, it is most assuredly not today. Today is simply a depressing day. For while there are some things that never get old - such as picking Rob up at the airport at the beginning of one of his eastern adventures - there are some things that never cease to stink. Guess which one today is?

Safe journey Rob. We love you always......and miss you already.


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