Monday, January 31, 2011

Running Time

Three weeks into my marathon training and I am pleased to report that I am still alive (a sentiment I recognize might not shared universally). Actually thus far things have been going well. The training plan I am following mixes runs of not too horribly a distance several nights a week with one longer run on the weekend. Well at least thus far the weeknight runs have been of reasonable distances - nothing more than five miles. As January gives way to February and thereafter as February in turn gives way to March the weeknight runs will extend to as much as ten miles. Candidly I have no idea how or from what source I am going to find the time to run ten miles on one day - let alone multiple days - during the work week. In the words of the late, great Edward Kennedy, "We'll drive off of that bridge when we come to it."

Yesterday's run was seven miles. While it is a distance I do not usually run, I covered the distance in slightly less than fifty-seven and a half minutes. Best of all was at the end of it, while I was hot and quite sweaty, I felt fine. My legs were not especially sore. I was not breathing uncomfortably. I completed my run feeling pretty damn good about myself and my prospects of being able to actually run a marathon.

At some point after the initial euphoria wore off I realized that while it was good that I felt good after running seven miles, the race distance on May 1 - which as of tomorrow is exactly three months away - is three and one half times as long as I was pleased to have run yesterday. And suddenly I realized that while I have been putting in the work that I need to do in order to tackle this thing, I have much, much more work to do. At some point in time I hope that the weather in these parts becomes good enough to enable me to get out on the road to run as opposed to logging miles on the treadmill. At seven miles the only thing I was missing was a large chunk of cheddar dangling in front of my face serving as motivation as I ran.

Spring will be here soon enough and hopefully by the time it arrives - if not sooner - I will be able to take my show on the road.

Honey here's one to glory
Here's to bad weather
And all the hard things
We've been through together
Here's to the golden rule and survival
And to stayin' alive
It's the runnin' man's bible.


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