Sunday, January 16, 2011

Grim Business

Friday afternoon in Lakewood Township, New Jersey, Police Officer Chris Matlosz died in the line of duty, murdered while seated in his patrol car by a pedestrian who Officer Matlosz had apparently moments earlier stopped to ask a few questions. Published accounts reported that Officer Matlosz was shot three times at close range. Officer Matlosz, who was engaged to be married, was twenty-seven years young. As of this morning the search for Officer Matlosz's accused killer was still on-going.

There is scant little information provided as to Mr. Crockam's political preferences, talk radio predilections or web postings. Funny how none of that seems to matter here. All that matters is that a twenty-seven year-old police officer - doing nothing less than his job - paid for his public service with his life.

If my shift does end and I don’t make it home
I loved them so much I just hope they know
When its all done and at the back of my mind
I never worry for me just for the ones I leave behind

Officer Matlosz, in addition to every man and woman who serves and protects at any level (local, State or Federal), is survived by his mother, his brother and his fiance Kelly. He and Kelly were to be married in June 2012.


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