Monday, January 3, 2011

Bowling for Dollars

Sometimes it is nice to be right - especially when the person who was not right is such a complete jagoff. In this space - way back when last year - I took issue with a guy for whom I have had little use for more than a quarter-century. Coincidentally that is precisely the same length of time I have known him.

On New Year's Day - which presumably appears on the official calendar of The Ohio State University as "any given day" - five representatives of the now eleven member (soon to be an even dozen) Big Ten played in college bowl games. One of them - Wisconsin - was matched up in the Rose Bowl against one of those teams Gee deemed to be not worthy of national championship consideration: Texas Christian University. I wonder if at some point before he went to bed on Saturday night, Gee telephoned his colleague at the University of Wisconsin to get an unvarnished opinion as the Horned Frogs' worthiness. Methinks that regardless of whether they agreed with Gee in late December, here in early January the folks in Badgerland do not share Gee's point of view. Perhaps the boys from the Big Ten should have paid attention to just where Tank Carder, Andy Dalton and their TCU teammates call home. They are from Fort Worth, Texas after all.

While I presume that the big boys from the Big Ten kind of, sort of wish that this year's college football season had ended prior to New Year's Day (losing all five of the games in which they played including a couple of epic beat downs inflicted upon the the Spartans of Michigan State and their in-state rivals from Michigan), as someone who has been an avid college football fan for as long as I have been watching it, I really, really wish it had ended on New Year's Day. The way that it used to - back in the days prior to the creation of the BCS. Once upon a time, New Year's Day was spent with the Cotton, Rose, Fiesta, Orange and Sugar Bowls. Once those games were over - so was the season.

Now? Those games are not even all played on the same day any more. Only the Fiesta and the Rose were played on New Year's Day.....along with the Capital One, Outback, Gator and something called the TicketCity Bowl. Tonight, Stanford and Virginia Tech shall play in the Orange Bowl. Tomorrow night Ohio State and Arkansas will play the Sugar Bowl. Texas A&M and LSU will not do battle in the Cotton Bowl until Friday night, which is the 7th of January.

One might think that the Cotton Bowl on Friday night would mark the end of the season this year but one who might think that would certainly be incorrect. The BCS National Championship Game will not take place until a week from now - on the 10th of January. If you are a college football fan wondering, "How will I spend the weekend between the Cotton Bowl and the BCS Championship Game?", then fear not. Saturday afternoon Pittsburgh, which has fired two coaches since it last played a game, will play Kentucky in the BBVA Compass Bowl in Birmingham, Alabama. Apparently the two schools did not respond favorably to a suggestion that each send its basketball team to Alabama instead. Once the excitement over that game wears off, you can feed your need for college pigskin action on Sunday night by watching Nevada battle Cesar's Alma mater in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco.

This year the Division I college football bowl season shall last twenty-three days - or slightly more than three weeks. An argument can be made that playoffs would take less time to complete. One might think that a serious educator such as my favorite college president would embrace the notion of a playoff; right? To quote my old roommate Schneeds, "Not bloody likely." And most certainly not with the millions and millions of dollars that are paid to the participating schools by the companies that sponsor the various games.

But what red-blooded college boy would not want to spend a cold Thursday night in January with Danica Patrick in Mobile, Alabama. Go Buffs? Not this January. This year it is, "Go Daddy".


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