Monday, January 24, 2011

And Apparently It Is A Jersey Thing

My least favorite piece of human garbage - Fred Phelps - and his band of miscreants from the Wasteboro Bastard Church got a geography lesson on Saturday. Lest they forgot just where they were trying to peddle their particular type of hate this weekend, they were given a firm reminder when they showed up on Saturday and attempted to disrupt the funeral of Army Specialist Benjamin Moore.

When protesters arrived Saturday in Bordentown New Jersey at Specialist Moore's funeral they learned right quick that they were most definitely not in Kansas any longer. Authorities preserved the right of these idiots to setting up an area for them in which to do so that was so far removed from where the service was taking place that they could not see or hear anything. Given that their stated reason for being at these military funerals is pretextual - and that the real purpose in being there is to announce their arrival and to inflict their presence upon the family and friends of the deceased - when they saw that their best efforts to be disruptive had been totally blunted, they went away quietly.

Trenton - our state capital - has a sign that says, "What Trenton Makes, The World Takes". On Saturday those who sought to wreak havoc in Bordentown learned that that adage is not limited to the geographic boundaries of Trenton. On Saturday, a lot of folks from all over New Jersey made a commitment to stand together and to stand up to a bully pulpiteer. And in doing so, they showed the rest of the world the right way to handle a bully. Hopefully the rest of the world took notice.

Let us hope so. When dealing with the unholy man and the blind mice who follow him, it is useful to remember that he and his brood are worse than just publicity whores. He is a bully. And the only way to deal with a bully is the way it was done on Saturday. Stand up to him and punch him in the face. Over and over. Eventually he gets the hint.

And a family gets what it deserves, which is the opportunity to say goodbye to to a young man who lived a hero's life and who died the same way.


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