Sunday, December 12, 2010

Where Nothin' Moves But The Wind

For the life of me, I cannot fathom why anyone pops by this particular rest stop on the information superhighway. Ask anyone who knows the author to provide you with a short list of the most selfish people he or she knows and while I shall not guarantee a first-place finish on each and every list (I do possess a modicum of modesty after all), you may be assured that a spot can be found for me on every respondent's medal stand. I do this for me. Once upon a lifetime ago I derived pleasure from trying to consume daily my body weight in vodka. Having but one liver, I have moved on to other pursuits. One takes catharsis wherever one can get it I suppose. I know that is true at least in my case.

The things about which I know nothing at all are legion. And while as someone who knows me fairly well, I am hesitant (with good reason) as a general rule to take my own counsel, I am living proof of the axiom that even a blind squirrel can trip over a nut on occasion.

No matter who you are, no matter what you do it seems to me that a fundamental precept by which you live your life is that you should not ever take for granted those who mean the most to you. Not everyone in his or her life has someone who is indispensable. Someone who is as critically important to you as the air you breath. If you are one of the lucky ones whose path in life leads you to such a person, then when you reach the point of intersection between your two paths and the horizon line, intertwine your hand with theirs and do not let go.

Once intertwined, remember that while the journey should be enjoyable and comfortable neither it nor your traveling companion should ever be taken for granted. Irrespective of one's grip strength, we are in fact held together by a thin, fine thread. Do not assume its durability. Do not presume that it is so strong that it can hold together under any set of circumstances. Do not be an asshole. Do not test its limits. Never -under any circumstances - take the one you love for granted. Hang on tooth and nail.

The intersection of luck and fate. Not a place where you want to set down roots. Nothing grows there. It is no place at all like home.


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