Thursday, December 23, 2010

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

For many folks in these United States, today marks the end of this particular work week. Even at the Firm - where we take what can fairly be described as a "minimalist" approach to the number of "Firm Holidays" tomorrow is a day on which the office lights shall be dimmed. Thus today will likely morph into one of those days where the powers that be at my J-O-B and likely those at yours too will spend a bit of time looking the other way as folks who now shall not see each other again until Monday spend a bit of time exchanging presents and sharing some Christmas cheer. Let us all hope they do anyway. Nothing wrong with a bit of conviviality in the workplace; right?

Barring a last-minute cancellation (always a possibility when some prick of misery defense lawyer schedules a deposition for the afternoon of the last work day before Christmas) I will spend the latter half of my work day in Trenton taking a plaintiff's deposition. I am in fact the aforementioned prick of misery. Goo goo g'joob. To my credit, if you glance your eye back towards the top of the page you will see that I did write - on two separate occasions mind you - "Christmas" and not "Xmas". Somewhere at this very moment in Montclair, New Jersey the Legion of Decency is singing my praises. My little own Hallelujah chorus.

The best part of my day shall be spent after work. Barring any change in plans brought about by adverse weather or other factors (last year it was a ferocious snowstorm on the Front Range of Colorado), at shortly after six o'clock tonight I shall be able to look directly at Rob's smiling face. It shall be the first time I have seen him since June 1st. You develop a keen appreciation as a parent for just how much you miss your kid when you go a long stretch of time without seeing him. His time home will be brief and having been raised by a mother who raised crazy children but not stupid ones, I know that little of it will be spent in the company of the Missus and me, which is perfectly fine. It is the knowledge of both of those things that makes me happy that I am the designated "airport" guy. I am the one who picks him up every time he travels East for a visit. I realize that our time together in the car might be the single longest block of time that we spend together by ourselves during his stay. I savor every second of it.

And I savor the knowledge that while he is now a grown man making his way in the world - and doing a damn fine job of it if I might be permitted one wholly and admittedly biased observation - the moment that he opens the door leading into the den from the garage and sees his mother with that ear-to-ear grin she reserves for occasions such as this one, he is for a moment at least a little boy again. All that matters to him - and to her - for that brief moment in time is that each is then and there occupying a space also occupied by the other.

A reunion. And a damn fine day for one. Joy to the world or at least to my little corner of it, which is quite simply the best present one can give or receive.


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