Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tempus Fugit.....

Today is the shortest day of the year - at least in the Northern Hemisphere - although I shall bet you $1.00 that it will not necessarily feel that way to you. While length of a particular day is subject to the vagaries and whims of Einstein's family (Is that not what is meant by "relativity"?), the amount of daylight is not. Today is the Winter Solstice.

The bad news for anyone and everyone who has been freezing his or her natural-born ornaments off for the past three weeks or so is that today heralds the arrival of winter. What, you thought it had been here since at least the beginning of December? Nope. We have experienced nothing thus far except the clamor and tumult of the final, half in the bag, obnoxious party guests winding down Autumn's annual going-away party. If the final few weeks of Autumn have indeed served as a peek into our immediate meteorological future, then we may find ourselves bundled up against the elements for another ninety days or so.

The good news? Today is the shortest day of the year - the day on which there is less daylight than the year's worth of days that preceded it and the day on which - mercifully - there shall be less daylight than on the year's worth of days that succeed it. While it is probably not necessary to set the alarm an hour earlier than usual tomorrow in order to beat the Shore traffic heading south on the Parkway, it shall be daylight tomorrow for a minute or two longer than it was today. And so shall it be the next day. And the next.

While this is a time of year that many people enjoy and many have a keen interest in not rushing through any faster than we must, we nevertheless must not lose sight of the fact that what lies ahead for us after December's end. Winter. There is nothing "holiday" or "seasonal" feeling about the typical Jersey January or February. All it usually feels is f***ing cold. One takes a victory anywhere one can find one. Me? I take one in the fact that the dawning of every day brings us that much closer to the Spring.

See you tomorrow. Much to do today.....

....and so little time.


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