Monday, December 27, 2010


Question for all of those folks (and you know who you are) who walked around for the past couple of weeks wondering aloud if we were going to have a White Christmas, "Are you happy now?" Hopefully dawn this morning will bring if not a cessation of precipitation then at least a slowing down of the fun. In our neck of the woods it started snowing yesterday in the early afternoon. I was unaware of the fact - until I read it for the first time yesterday morning - that the National Weather Service issued "blizzard warnings" for New Jersey. Silly me, I always thought that blizzard warnings were reserved for places that endured really lousy, snowy weather on a regular basis. Places like Newfoundland and Alaska. And then my mind flashed back to last February, when we received ninety days' worth of snow in twenty-eight. Suddenly the blizzard warning seemed less anomalous. Not any less annoying of course. But less anomalous nonetheless.

There is one final event I am running in here in 2010, which is the Twilight Run in Lake Como on New Year's Eve. The race starts at 5:45 p.m. Apparently the race time here in New Jersey is intended to coincide with the beginning of the new year in Ireland. Silly me. I thought it was scheduled as early as it is to permit New Year's Eve revelers - a number that traditionally does not include me - to engage in an activity that is good for them while not interfering with their desire to engage in an activity that is less so for the remainder of the evening. I never had given a moment's thought to the fact that for years I have not been falling asleep in advance of the ringing in of the new year. I have simply been celebrating the New Year's arrival in Dublin.....and then retiring for the night. Who knew?

For a while earlier this fall I contemplated participating in the Polar Bear 5-Mile Race in Asbury Park. Considering that race time was 1:00 pm on Sunday, I am not unhappy that after leaning towards participating in it, I ultimately decided not to. Happiness is not driving close to an hour in the snow, spending forty-plus minutes running during a snowstorm and then spending another hour or two just trying to make it home. Whether the 110 hardy individuals who completed the race (scaled back to three miles to try to allow those who ran the chance to finish prior to the brunt of the blizzard hitting Asbury Park) are braver than I, more foolhardy than I or a combination of the above, I know not. I know that they likely are as happy that they took part in the event as I am that I did not.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow? How about, "Bite me" and call us square.


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