Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An Overloaded Silicon Chip

Yesterday did not exactly go according to Hoyle in our 'hood. Rather than kicking off a shortened four-day work week, I spent most of the day channeling my inner snow remover - first at our house and then at Joe's. I went to law school to stay away from hard math. I have no idea just how much snow we received 'NTSG. I do know that when I was out shoveling snow yesterday morning the snow in some spots was so deep that it came up above my knees. Shaquille O'Neal and I are not often confused for being twin sons of different mothers. Still, knee deep is knee deep.

While typically I rely upon the hardest-working eighteen-year-old I have ever known to free me from the grip of the evil white frozen precipitation, yesterday Frank was unavailable. Poor kid spent the entirety of Sunday night into the wee small hours of Monday morning plowing various parking lots and clearing mountains of snow from multiple locations. Among the few things he cannot do is make himself appear simultaneously in two places at once. The long and short of it? I spent a lot of time yesterday morning clearing snow from my driveway and my sidewalk with my trusty shovel. Once upon a time I could clear snow at a much brisker pace than I can now. Yesterday morning I likely spent three hours doing something that ten years ago might have taken about half as long.

The goal yesterday was to do the snow removal voodoo and then devote the remainder of the day to work stuff. Candidly, since the former did not get completed until close to one p.m., the enthusiasm for the latter never quite manifested itself. Happiness is an impromptu vacation day? Under certain circumstances perhaps. Yesterday not so much. The upside I suppose it that now I have to pace myself for three consecutive work days before yet another long weekend is upon me.

The only thing worse than having to spend the day dealing with an obnoxious amount of snow is having to watch the wall-to-wall coverage of it thereafter. One would think that no snow had ever fallen in the New York metropolitan area prior to the past couple of days. Did we not all endure this in February on what felt like a daily basis? And what exactly was the bulletin yesterday? A lot of snow fell and once it stopped falling it had to be cleaned up. Tomorrow's lead shall be what exactly - the sun's ascent in the East. Stay tuned.

A whole new appreciation for the genius of Bob Geldof. That is what I took from yesterday's events. Perhaps it was not a total loss after all.


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