Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Bells They Jingle, Jangle, Jingle

It is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas here 'NTSG these days. Baby it has been cold outside the past couple of days. Today's high (with a bow to Mr. Einstein) temperature is expected to be a robust 37 degrees. Yippee. Nothing gets a pass from the world at large in quite the manner that cold weather does in December. This spate of cold weather makes everything, "Feel like Christmas". When another incarnation of it arrives in mid-January it will simply make everything and everyone, "F***ing cold." Timing is indeed everything I suppose.

In spite of today's less than robust temperatures, this morning I am making the short trip over to Metuchen (along with the #1 Race Mom, Gidg and Liv) to run in the 2nd annual Jingle Bell 5K. It is a race set up as a fund raiser by The Arthritis Foundation, which presumably schedules the event in early December to enhance the "holiday" feel of it and not so that each participant can get an appreciation firsthand of the effects of arthritis while attempting to stay warm pre-race in the bone-cracking cold. While it shall be ridiculously cold this morning at race time (33 but feeling like 23 due to a 14 mile per hour wind) it should nevertheless be a terrific morning. Last year's race certainly was.

While I do not pretend to know whether it is the case or not, I would think that this year's edition shall have more participants than last year's maiden voyage simply due to word-of-mouth advertising. This year's little running posse from 'NTSG has increased by one - although in the interests of full disclosure we actually snuck Liv in from Hillsborough - over the 2009 roster. If others have undergone a similar expansion then this morning we might indeed see firsthand an example of the multiplier effect. The more the merrier; right? 'Tis the season after all.

The hope today is to run fast in order to minimize the "outside" time and maximize the time spent post-race at Novita's, which puts out quite a nice free buffet for runners, walkers and fans alike (usually I am happy to get a half-bagel, half-banana and a Clif Bar post-race) and which last year in response to a request made by three people who look very much like The Missus, Gidg and Me opened its bar and served post-race, late morning cocktails. While I do not know how much they earned during their unexpectedly brisk Sunday morning rush, I know that the bartender was still smiling ear-to-ear when we hopped into our sleigh and headed home.

Ah, home. Where I availed myself last year of what I shall likely avail myself of this year: taking a hot shower and getting a little advice from Nat King Cole.....

.....'Tis the season after all.


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