Wednesday, December 22, 2010

From Small Steps to Giant Leaps

I was amazed to read yesterday morning the surprisingly high number of people (surprisingly high to me anyway) who decided to get up in the wee small hours of the morning (I like to think of it as "my time") to witness the lunar eclipse. I suppose if I had a better sense of history - the combination of the Winter Solstice and a lunar eclipse had not happened apparently since 1638 and is not scheduled again until 2094 - or perhaps considered it to be something unusual to be up for the day at a time that most of the world considers unseemly then I would have been less so. Or perhaps if I lived in a place where professionally-captured images of the event are not freely available - and available for free no less, then I would have embraced it more. I did not. My loss I suppose. In order to make amends I am going to have to live to be at least 128 years old. Talk about your Old Man Winter. No one is rooting for that I assure you.

While this was not an event that buttered my biscuit as it were it certainly did countless others and since their enjoyment of it did not encroach at all upon my abstention from it (and vice versa) I hope that those who did want to see it as it happened had the chance to do so. Those who - as amateur shutterbugs - set up expensive camera equipment in the dead of winter and the dark of night simply to capture their own images of it I understand less than those who relied simply upon the camera equipment with which we were born to capture the moment. Again, at day's end while it amuses me and perhaps even bemuses me, it does not adversely affect me.

I have become sort of a live and let live type of fella as I have aged. I no longer seek out confrontation at every turn. Ah the glorious combination of youth and vodka. Neither resides in my bones any longer I fear. Proof of my mellowing with age came just the other day when after violating my first rule of social networking - which is to avoid all direct communication with the others doing it (no comments, etc) - by wishing a friend a happy birthday and an obligatory, "Merry Xmas", I was chastised by a third party for my greeting. It seems that her particular faction of the Legion of Decency is charged with the duty of calling out every lazy bastard like me who types, "Xmas" instead of "Christmas". She did so by responding to what I had written - on this gent's birthday greeting mind you - and advising me, "Do not "X" Christ out of Christmas. Write Christmas. Not Xmas. That is the thought for the morning."

Wow. Fairly profound observations for early on a Saturday morning. Initially I laughed. And then the more I thought about it, the more it torqued me off. Why Person C would comment upon a greeting written by Person A to Person B ("I hope you and your family have a merry Xmas") when she was neither the author nor the audience speaks to me of an utter absence of really important things to fill her early morning hours. So, after some consideration I popped back up onto where I had written the original greeting and wrote, "Gee I thought the controversial part of my original message was the use of the lowercase "m" in merry. Perhaps that is the thought for the afternoon."

No response received. Oh well. If only the Winter Solstice had fallen on Saturday morning. Then she would have had something important to occupy her day. If only......

......2094 cannot get here soon enough.


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