Monday, December 20, 2010

From Fribbles To Fezziwigs

If you held a gun to my head and asked me to tell you when the last time was that Margaret and I went to the movies, my best guess would be almost two years ago. For some reason I am thinking that it either Gran Torino or The Wrestler. We had an action-packed February 2008 - cinematically speaking. Since then not so much.

Saturday night we went to the Theatre. No jumbo popcorn/soda combos. No dancing Jujyfruits. No coming attractions. We went to Princeton to McCarter Theatre to see A Christmas Carol. My wife gets all the credit in the world for not giving up on her culturally stunted spouse. But for her love of the movie version of the Dickens classic I never would have thought to get tickets to it. We are not a couple that spends our Saturday nights at a play or musical. I am truly glad that we spent this last one there.

There are some Decembers in which it is harder for me - for whatever reason - to get acquainted with the "spirit of the season" as it were. This December has been one of them. Saturday night helped matriculate the ball towards the goal line as it were in terms of "seasonal spirit acquisition". We had a simply unforgettable night. My bride is such a good sport. Our "plan" (giving that word the broadest permissible definition allowed by the Einstein Estate) did not include dinner and with Joe recently having retired from operating the single finest eatery in Princeton, we realized that we really did not know where to eat.

Nothing says, "Adult Date Night" quite as traditionally as does the time-honored chestnut of dinner and a show. I am quite confident that Margaret and I were the only couple at Saturday night's performance of A Christmas Carol at McCarter Theatre whose pre-theatre meal was eaten at Friendly's at the Montgomery Shopping Center on Route 206. From Fribbles to the Fezziwigs in one evening. A true Christmas miracle.

Dickens wrote a work of fiction. Yet his creation leaps off of the page, the screen and the stage to touch upon real life and those of us who live it. Of the many lessons to be learned from Ebenezer Scrooge, one of them is this: one night can change our life......and if not our life then at the very least our outlook.


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