Friday, December 10, 2010

The Continuing Adventures of Adam Oop

The process of discovering just how little I know about absolutely everything has been going full force truth be told for the entirety of my life. It has undergone a veritable explosion however in the past two weeks.

Two Sundays ago, Suz, the Missus and I wandered over to a nearby Verizon Wireless store to get "upgrades" on our cell phones. Last year at Christmas Rob upgraded to a Droid. Suz wanted to do likewise and I - knuckling dragging defiantly on the ground of the last century - finally acknowledged that for work purposes having access to e-mail while out of the office whether via Blackberry or other means was no longer a "luxury". It is, sadly perhaps, a necessity.

For the past few years I had been toting around my little Verizon flip phone. At gun point I could not tell you who made it. I am certain that at some point I bothered to look at the name plate but then again maybe not. I know that it was reliable, durable and as anyone who has perused any of the hundreds of photographs I used it to take can attest it took damn fine pictures. For those of you who have never seen any of them, I suppose you will have to simply take my word for it. Or not. Your call.

To date the appeal of a "Smart Phone" eludes me. While Suz acquired a Droid X I opted for something called a Samsung Fascinate. It is a quite impressive-looking little gadget. And it does do what I wanted something to do, which is permit me to stay connected via e-mail to my office and to what is going on there when I am someplace else. That being said, almost two weeks into this relationship and I find that I am not yet a fan. My less-than-enthusiastic embrace likely stems in large part from the fact that I am not particularly technologically savvy and I loathe change. We have not reached this particular drama's final scene so perhaps in Act II romance shall blossom. I am not holding my breath. Why would I? You can really hurt yourself if you do that for too long. Blue eyes - OK. Blue skin.....not so much.

I suppose that for now I shall try to become smart enough to understand my new gadget. While I am not sure that my programming will permit such an upgrade, I am 100% certain that no amount of tweaking can make it dumb enough for me to understand it as (I am) presently constructed.....

....sadly that much I know from experience.


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