Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxes and Bows

I hope that Christmas in your part of the world was indeed merry. Mine certainly was. I must confess that I am not looking forward to Boxing Day as much as I did Christmas. It has nothing to do with me being on some sort of anti-corrugated cardboard jag. Well, perhaps it has a bit to do with that but it has much more to do with the fact that everyone who walked around all week whistling White Christmas may wonder at some point today why Santa did not bring Mother Nature a calendar for Christmas. You can buy something close to one million varieties of calendars at a kiosk at Bridgewater Commons for crying out loud.

If the fearless weather forecasters are right, 'round these parts today it may begin looking a lot like Santa's Workshop. The National Weather Service issued a Winter Storm Warning for portions of the State of Concrete Gardens advising that certain areas could end up with anywhere from eight to sixteen inches of snow. Somewhere my crackerjack landscaping entrepreneur Frank is trying hard to contain his enthusiasm. But for the fact that I know that irrespective of how much snow we get Frank and his gang will be able to relocate it from my driveway and sidewalk to.......well, truth be told I do not really give a rat's ass where it ends up as long as it is elsewhere - I would have no problem containing mine. There are scant few things I hate as much as snow.

Perhaps hate is too strong a word. It has after all been a terrific couple of days. It will take a lot of snow and other shit weather to harsh my Yuletide mellow. Not that I am trying to poke Mother Nature in the eye with a pointed stick mind you. I enjoyed very much being able to take a four-mile run through my little town yesterday morning to work off some of the forty-seven and one half pounds of food I consumed between six o'clock Christmas Eve and nine o'clock Christmas morning. Considering that it is quite a bit harder to run outside in inclement weather (I am simply atrocious at hurdling snowbanks), I hope that I do not have to endure doing so. I so loathe adversity....

....but not as much as snow. Not even close.


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