Monday, November 29, 2010

With Her Killer Graces

While I did not attend it, I discerned from the reviews that I have read from her classmates that Margaret did an incredible job putting together her 30th class reunion. Color me not surprised. I know not how many of her classmates she has stayed in close contact with over the course of the past three decades but as someone who has spent the past two decades with her, her ability to make something out of nothing no longer amazes me.

My wife possesses the ability to make the extraordinary seems effortless.....which might in large part explain why she still puts up with me after all of these years. She remains confident in her ability to make something worthwhile out of me I suppose.

It would be an understatement of colossal proportions to say that Margaret was tireless in her preparation of this reunion for her classmates and for her. I am happy for all of them that they were able to reap the benefits of her efforts. I am also more than a tad selfish. So for all of the members of the MHS Class of '80 who presume that they are going to designate Margaret as the organizer of their 35 year reunion five years from now......while more than a little part of me wishes she would not, I know my wife and I know that if you call her to action she will answer. The one other thing she knows as little about as how to fail is how to say, "No". It simply is not in her DNA.

And for that each and every one of you should be very grateful. I certainly know that I am. And I know who she is.....

....she is the one. Well done Honey. As always.


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