Friday, November 12, 2010

The View From a T Intersection

Life is the original unscripted drama. You may think or believe you have a handle on all that is going on around you and while perhaps occasionally - or even often - that is true, it most assuredly is not so 100% of the time. For each of us a certain percentage of our day-to-day is devoted to dealing with things, situations or scenarios (the verbiage employed is yours to choose freely) that have leaped out of the tall grass on the side of the life path we have chosen in an attempt to bite us on the ass. The bites will come. They are unavoidable. The trick is being able to limit the blood loss.

I am where I have spent the overwhelming majority of my professional life for what is fast approaching thirteen years. I recognize the fact that this time was not without its interruption, which is how I refer to my four-month hiatus during the winter of Aught-Nine (also known by its Nicholas Sparks' working title, Winter at the Reservoir). I am now roughly eighteen months into my second tour of duty.

During the time I have been here - and even during the time I was away as I spent that brief period of time working with my pal Gracie - I have been fortunate to have had a secretary/assistant (Hallmark never sends me the memo with the updated job titles) whose numerous skills include keeping her boss from committing malpractice. I have been even more fortunate that during the past ten years or so, I have had exactly two women who have worked with me in that capacity. Margaret can attest to the fact that I am a complete prick of misery to deal with on a day in/day out basis. Candidly there are times that I think she thinks "but for" the legalities of our relationship she would seriously consider viewing me through her rear-view mirror. Yet since in or about June of 2001, the critically important role of secretary/assistant/fire putter-outer has been filled by only two different individuals. While each has her own style and her own way of doing things, the results achieved are remarkably similar.

Relationships however, much like milk, cottage cheese (and everything that is not a Twinkie I suppose) have a shelf life. And part of that shelf life is an expiration date. If you have not been paying particularly close attention, then the expiration date might sneak right up on you without you realizing it. Trust me on this point, I know of which I speak. One day you wake up and.....well, one day you wake up and you are at the expiration date.

It was once written, "If the decision were mine to make and time were mine to tether, I snap a picture of this moment now and freeze this frame forever." Alas, it was not. And with a more than a touch of sadness, and in full recognition of my own limitations, I know that I cannot.

All good things come to an end they say. I know not who "they" are, but I had long suspected that there is more than a kernel of truth inherent in it. I no longer suspect it. Today I am face to face with it. I see and therefore I believe. I had long known that this day would come. I only recently was made aware of the fact that "this" day would in fact be this very day. And in what the world at large likely considers an upset, the timing of it all has left me with little knowledge of what to say. Perhaps keeping it simple is best.

Good-bye and good luck, T. And even more than that - Thanks. You shall be missed. And remembered well.....

.....May the road always rise to meet you.


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