Tuesday, November 23, 2010

That Is Kotter With A K

It is said that for every problem there is a solution. I presume that to be true. Hell, my ability to earn a living is predicated upon my ability to - more often than not - fashion a solution to someone else' problem. A couple of weeks ago - in this very space - convinced that I had discovered the solution to my particular problem (a somewhat difficult to define feeling of distraction) I de-activated my access to Facebook. It seemed as if I had identified the itch and scratched the hell out of it.

Except I did not. Whatever the malaise is that has settled in my thought processes a bit lately and made me more prone to distraction, Mr. Zuckerberg's baby is not it. How did I figure that out? Simple. I lived the past couple of weeks without dealing with it as a potential source of distraction and am no more or less settled in my own head when I decided to cut it off. Whatever it is that is eating at me, it turns out that this is not it. The investigation continues I suppose.

Glad to be here for this thrilling voyage of self-discovery; huh? It is scintillating stuff I know. Something to occupy your time now that Dancing With The Stars is wrapped up for another go-round. The benefit to this particular decision - presuming there is one? I have undone something stupid and unintentionally thoughtless that I did two weeks ago. Without giving it any thought, I pulled the plug on a line of communication that the westernmost part of the family had to me and to life back home. I must confess that I had given that no thought at all either prior to dropping out or while I was off the grid. Until last Friday that is when Rob sent me a text message asking essentially, "Where are you?" and when being told what I had done, asking me why I did it and in response seeming completely underwhelmed by the "logic" underpinning my answer. The best thing about having children who are every inch their mother's handiwork is that it ensures in our family of four there are always three people smarter than I am from whom to get advice. Thanks Rob.

For all I know, the current bout of innate mental unrest is wholly and completely unrelated to anything specific at all. And for all I know, it will pass with as little fanfare as it arrived. Me? My participation in the world of FB shall be no greater - and probably even less - than it was prior to my hiatus. In the first forty-three plus years of my life, I have never brightened a room by entering it. I take on faith that the same rules apply in the virtual world as they do in the real world.

I brought a note signed by Epstein's mother just in case......


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