Monday, November 22, 2010

The Road Ahead

Forty-seven years ago today a Presidential motorcade rode into Dealey Plaza in Dallas and everything changed. At or about the same time as the echo of an assassin's bullets faded into history, Camelot did as well. Forty-seven years ago.

I was reminded yesterday of the difficulty associated with keeping same - and protecting - those one loves. While the Missus and I were in 'Squan trotting with the rest of the turkeys and thereafter celebrating the day's events at Leggett's, Suz was dealing with some far less exciting issues. A couple of days ago she thought that she might very well be in THE relationship. Saturday she found out she was not.

The heart - even when broken - has incredible resiliency. Suz's is not different from yours or mine in that regard. Except for present purposes in one very important way: hers is the one that has broken. Hers therefore is the one in need of recovery and in need of healing. While in her head she knows that healing will come in time, in her heart for present purposes she is less than certain.

The Father's Guide Book does not come with directions about how to fix everything that adversely impacts your daughter. If only it did. Or better yet - if it came with instructions for how to keep her safe from life's heartaches and travails altogether. Unfortunately it does not. We are left therefore to do what we can to protect our 'little girls' with our own limited means and abilities. And for the too-many-to-count occasions on which our best is not good enough to keep them safe from harm, then all we can do is offer consolation and encouragement. We do so knowing that she knows that we have little else we can do for her in her time of need. And she accepts our offer knowing that it does precious little to salve the wound. The circle of Life? I have no damn idea. It certainly does seem that way.

The past couple of days have been tough ones for Suz. She does not believe yet herself - having invested a couple of years and all of her heart into something that has now broken - that better days are coming although they most certainly are. It is the path to be walked between now and then that shall challenge, frustrate and at times sadden her. And try as I may there is not a damn thing to be done about it. Life is not a problem that Dad can fix......

....she will see soon enough that it is one that fixes itself. Much like her heart, it is self-healing.


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evanh said...

I remember all too well when it was Jess and Heather whose tender hearts were wounded and how Glenn and I could only hug (when allowed). Give your girlie hugs from us.