Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I Hear Mariachi Static On The Radio

11/12 of the way through it. 2010 that is. As we reach November's end, I know not what to make of the year to date thus far. There are - as I suppose there are in every year - moments when it seems to have passed by in the wink of a young girl's eye. Conversely there have been moments that have not been able to pass by soon enough not to leave wreckage in their wake. Nights that have seemed as if they were going to last forever. As if there was no dawn poised to appear on the horizon line. Hell, as if there was no horizon line at all.

Perhaps that is the way most years go for perhaps that is the manner in which the original unscripted drama we call life unfolds for most of us - if not for all of us. It is consistent in its inconsistency. It is certain only to serve as a laboratory where uncertainties are created every day. Feel no compunction to take my word for it. Ask Tiger Woods.

One of my favorite movies of all time (one of the great self-important turns of phrase ever conceived - as opposed to..."my impressionable post-high school but pre-marriage years"?) is Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Had Matthew Broderick never made another film he would undoubtedly be less financially secure than he is presently but his place in the realm of actors who create a character who rises to the level of an alter ego would have been preserved. His portrayal of the teenage pop philosopher is pitch-perfect. Ferris was clearly a young man wise beyond his years - a fact of which I am reminded every time I watch the movie. While I enjoy the film a great deal it does bother me on at least one level. The title character is a teenager and he possesses a better understanding of life's vagaries than do I - the title character in my own unscripted drama - and I am more than twice his age. In my defense, he had better writers and John Hughes. Me? Not so much.

We wake up tomorrow and it is December. If you are my sister Evan, then it is your birthday, which is reason alone to celebrate. If you are the rest of us (the non-celebrants as it were), then it is "already" December and it is "almost" Christmas. Would time slow down at all if we stopped using so many damn modifiers for it? I know not but it probably could not hurt. We spend so much of the present as a countdown clock for future events and happenings that we not only run the risk of missing something or someone or multiples of both but we factor into our day-to-day just how much we can miss without feeling too badly about it. I have never completely understood what is meant by the phrase, "addition by subtraction" although I might very well have stumbled across an example of it just the other day but I cannot fathom that the typical day-to-day is what is meant by it either.

Enough griping for one day. Stay here too long and I will be late getting somewhere else. You may think I have stayed too long already or wish perhaps that I pawned my Smith-Corona......

....Stop nodding your head while you read - you will make yourself sick. And who among us has time to get sick - especially this time of year. It is almost Christmas after all.


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