Thursday, November 25, 2010

Gobble Gobble Gickel

If you awaken this morning to find that those you love and love care about not only feel the same way about you but are healthy and (allowing for the vagaries and uncertainties of our day-to-day and their relationship upon relativity) happy, then be thankful. I am.

If you awaken this morning and act upon the ability you possess, by doing something seemingly ordinary (such as helping someone less fortunate than you are this year by donating time, food or money to a local food bank or shelter) that is in the eyes and in the heart of the one receiving the benefit of your assistance nothing short of extraordinary, then be thankful. It is from small things that big things one day come.

This morning I am doing something that is almost wholly selfish before getting immersed into the family portion of the day. I am bopping on over to Princeton to run in the Trinity Church Turkey Trot. While I am not a religious man by any accepted definition of the term - and my relationship with God is well-documented in this space - I am bringing with me this morning what I imagine most of my fellow runners are bringing with them at the church's request, which is a non-perishable food item that the people from Trinity Church shall put to good use helping to feed those in their community who might otherwise not have the means to eat. I am doing nothing other than something I love to do for me, which is running in a race, and the event creates an opportunity to - with little to no effort on my part - do something for someone else. For this, I am thankful.

Whatever, whoever and wherever your family is, here is to hoping that today finds you in a place - whether geography separates you or connects you - where you are together. Whether we realize it or not, we accomplish much more when we are part of something bigger than we do when we are flying solo. You may not always see eye-to-eye. Hell, there may be times when you do not even like one another very much but at day's end, your "family" (and how you define it and populate is a decision that rests very much with each of us) is there for you - secure in the knowledge that you too are there for them. For this, we too should be thankful.

......and if you want to be thankful for your big brown shoe? Why not. It is Thanksgiving after all.


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