Monday, November 1, 2010

A Gift From The Corps

Our excellent Nation's Capital adventure came to a rather successful end yesterday (the 5-hour trip home notwithstanding- God bless interstate highway construction projects). Gidg and I more than held up our respective ends in the Marine Corps 10K and - at the risk of speaking for my running partner - enjoyed every step of the way. A 6.2 mile race is not how I usually spend my Sunday. But then again having the chance to run past the Jefferson Memorial and the Pentagon before finishing my run at the Marine Corps Memorial is not something I usually have the chance to spend my Sunday doing either. What a morning. What a simply incredible morning.

Largely because I am a jackass we are not a family who does much by way of vacation. And while I should have done this before this weekend, I am happy that my pursuit of running finally got me off of my ass and got Suzanne, Joe and Margaret in a car to show them all a place I enjoy visiting very much. Judging by the smiles I saw all weekend and the reactions all of them had to what they saw and what we all did, I would consider the experience a success.

On the bucket list is a marathon. Why I do not know exactly but I have never been known for my aptitude so I may very well be the last one to ever figure it out. Anyway, if I can get the Missus to sign off on making another trek south this time next year, then the Marine Corps Marathon may be the one that empties the bucket as it were. Too early to tell. Hell, it is only the 1st of November for crying out loud.

Yesterday was simply a terrific day. The cherry on top of what was a spectacular weekend. Kudos to the men and women of the United States Marine Corps for all they do for all of us and thanks to them for - on top of all they do - taking the time to put on an event that is truly spectacular in every sense of the word. It is not as if anyone of us should ever want for a reason to applaud a Marine yet I can tell you from my own experience that every one of them earned one from me - and from all of the other runners yesterday for treating each of us like a hero. For treating each one of us like a Marine.


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