Sunday, November 7, 2010

Closing the Book

I have spent the past three months or so significantly reducing my physical presence. While I am not the leading candidate to win the world's "Most Likely to Blow Away in a Stiff Breeze" contest I have managed to shed close to thirty pounds since mid-July. No magic formula. No secret. No surprises. Simply a combination of paying quite a bit more attention to what I eat and drink and exercising on a regular, steady basis. While my head remains as over-sized as always, my footprint has decreased.

Effective this very day my virtual footprint is going to follow the lead of its flesh and blood brother. After having embraced the notion - kind of, sort of anyway - of the "social network" for the past couple of years, today I have gracefully exited the world of Facebook. Nothing dire or drastic is about to occur - I assure you. I am simply following the lead of the keepers of time and setting my own personal clock back. Rather than an hour, I have opted for a couple of years. I still chuckle when I think of Kelly's annual declaration as we drove past Joe's Grotto Pizzeria and into the little hamlet of Harvey's Lake Pennsylvania where Mom/Dad had a summer house for a number of years, "You are now entering Harvey's Lake Pennsylvania. Please set your clocks and watches back two hundred years." Dad knew it was coming every year - and every year he reacted to it with a scowl shot Kel's direction via the rear-view mirror.

We all get out of the world and out of life what we put into it. For me, I simply have come to the realization that I have allowed something that is otherwise neutral to become a distraction in my day-to-day. While I would love to sue that Zuckerberg fellow - because it certainly appears to be fashionable to do so and he certainly appears to have the means to satisfy any judgment - I shall not. The fault is not his. The fault is not his creation's either. To the extent that any fault exists to be found, it is mine. Even though the waist size I wear these days is smaller than it was several months ago, I still wear my big-boy pants daily. An inanimate thing is not in and of itself a distraction unless and until those of us who are living, breathing organisms allow it to be. I have. Shame on me. Fortunately for every problem there is a solution. I have found mine.

Regrettably for any and all who were rooting for it (and you know who you are.....and sadly I suppose so do I), I am not disappearing altogether. No tripping over the mortal coil for this guy. No sir. I am simply retreating to where I was out here on the information superhighway before I became part of the Facebook generation. Candidly, all I have ever done as a Facebooker with any regularity is post the link to my daily scribbles, post photos of our various and sundry adventures and play Scramble. In a stunning realization of just how much virtual reality mimics the real thing, my contribution to the "on-line community" has been minimal at best.

I shall continue to occupy this space as long as I have something to say. Well, a qualification is in order right there I suppose. As long as I have something that seems to me to be worth saying. I thank anyone who has stopped by this particular outpost to read anything I have written here - although it remains a great curiosity to me why anyone does so. If you have, then I hope you continue to so so. Candidly, other than my brother Bill I do not think anyone ever passed this way until I posted the link to it daily on Facebook.

If you really feel a loss associated with the absence of my witty banter in your life daily, then once you stop laughing yourself to tears at the thought of me describing this as "witty banter" send me an e-mail. My e-mail address is I am not dropping off of the grid. I am simply removing my Face from the grid's big Book. Not being much to look at, I think I do the world-at-large no harm in doing so. If you still want to see me, I shall remain easily found.

Hopefully on occasion there will be something here that strikes you in one of any number of ways. Something that makes you think, makes you laugh, makes you cry, makes you scream out in anger or simply nod your head in agreement. If that happens and/or if you want to write something yourself in response to what you have read here, then please do so. Comments are welcome....although admittedly they usually depress me a bit. Far too often I read them and think, "Damn I wish I had thought to write that myself." Nevertheless they are welcome and sincerely appreciated. I feel exactly the same way about cash donations in large amounts and in non-sequential bills. I am not trying to suggest anything to anyone. Merely making an observation.

OK. That is all I have to say on this particular topic. I have to run. And I am not just saying that either. This morning I have the extraordinary privilege of participating in the 5th Annual Lt. Dennis W. Zilinski II Memorial 3.5 Mile race. The race shall take place at the Garden States Art Center in Holmdel. It honors a young man who died while in the service of this nation in combat and in Iraq slightly less than five years ago. I have never run in it before and am looking forward to it quite a lot. Reading about him on the event's website, it appears as if Lt. Zilinski lived a life of distinction - albeit one that was too damn short. He was killed approximately one month before he would have celebrated his 24th birthday. He gave everything he had for all of us. This morning, a number of folks are gathering to try and give a little back in his honor.

Talk about time well spent.


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Emilie said...

I'll visit you here Ads. I so enjoy your "witty banter" and I'll just have to try harder to find it.