Sunday, October 31, 2010

Treat or Treat

Observation apropos of nothing else: Happy Anniversary to my sis Jill and my brother-in-law Joe,celebrating today their 23rd anniversary. Proof positive that sometimes school days romances actually do lead to happily ever after. Two of my favorite people and here's to hoping that the next 23 years are as beautiful as the first 23.

This morning Gidg and I shall take part - with a reported several thousand other runners - in the 10K that is part of the Marine Corps Marathon weekend. If this day goes as well as yesterday, then regardless of how we run it shall be a success. We spent the entirety of yesterday touring all around our nation's capital. I have had the pleasure of visiting DC on a few other occasions - including one time slightly less than two years ago with Rob - and was thrilled to be present for the maiden voyage that Margaret, Suzanne and Joe all made here. It saddens me still a bit to think that I should have taken them all here earlier than this weekend - and should have done it before Suzy B got too sick to make the trip. I was thinking of my mother-in-law yesterday when we were seeing the sights. I thought of how much she would have enjoyed seeing what we saw. It is a bell I cannot unring.

Yesterday we enjoyed the hell out of ourselves while managing to spend most of the day in parts of the city separate and apart from the rally that Messrs. Colbert and Stewart held for what appeared to be several hundred thousand of their fans. We did wander through a part of it towards its end late yesterday afternoon and were reminded - regardless of personal political views - of all that is good about this country of ours. The party was not ours but those who were throwing it and those who were attending it could not have been nicer to those of us who - when we encountered the event - were simply trying to walk from Point A to Point B on opposite sides of the Mall.

I hope this morning goes well. I do not usually spend my Sunday mornings running 6.2 miles and I spend even fewer Sundays running in 10K races. Yet this morning I shall do both. Everything about this weekend has been terrific. To a certain extent this morning is about holding up my end. It is - after all - the stated reason why we came.


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