Sunday, October 10, 2010

'Til We Drop

I thought of dressing up in formal wear this morning - given the funky, numerical significance of the day. Today is 10/10/10. I was not alive for the last one in 1910 and to the relief of all shall not be around for the next one in 2110, in spite of the best efforts of Ted Williams and the Disney family, so today seems like I should - You should - Hell we all should do something extraordinary; right? Then again maybe we should take a big sip of "Who the Hell Cares?" and get on with our Sunday as per our original action plan.

This is the first Sunday in the past three that Gidg and I are merely running in a 5K race. Two Sundays ago, we both participated in the Tunnel To Towers Run. Last Sunday we were among the coolest little Crew in the park at the Race For The Cure. Even for a human being such as me who is generally apathetic towards those around him and the events of the day, there was an emotional investment associated with those events. And while the scale of the latter might have been smaller than that of the former, given our status as "Sue's Crew" the emotional investment into it and reward realized from it was unarguably bigger.

Today? Today I hop in my hand-built Challenger and head south on Route 9 past the dead ends and all the bad scenes. Well, on my CD player perhaps. In reality, I hop into my purchased right out of the showroom Skate and head south on the GSP to 'Squan where the Missus and I will rendezvous with Gidg prior to heading to Deal. I must confess that I do not know exactly where Deal is located - other than somewhere down the Shore - but I have faith that we shall find it in a timely manner. And once there, Margaret will assume her role as the world's #1 Race Mom and Gidg and I shall participate in the Run Thru Deal.

We have been blessed by simply gorgeous weekend weather thus far this autumn and while I ask your forgiveness for any misspellings that may follow, I am typing this with my fingers crossed that the pattern holds both short-term (next Saturday is Homecoming/Reunion Day at W-H and Sunday brings the debut of my partner Arnold Gerst's baby, the Livingston 5K, which he has spent a great deal of time over the course of the past many months putting together) and a bit further as well. Halloween weekend is almost upon us. That weekend we shall descend upon Washington DC and Arlington Virginia as Gidg and I run for the first time in the Marine Corps 10K, which is part of the Marine Corps Marathon weekend. To say that I am wishing as hard as I am capable of doing for a dry, rain-free day is an understatement. After we first signed up to participate in it, I spent a bit of time wishing that the whole 6.2 mile course was downhill. Let us hope that this wish turns out better than that one (as if the United States Marine Corps would put on a race that was downhill).

Arlington will have to wait. That is Halloween's adventure. I plan to participate in that event in costume: dressed as a runner. I merely hope that it does not prove to be the best, most difficult to figure out costume of the day. Today's adventure is quite a bit closer to home (again presuming I am correct and Deal is indeed located someplace in Monmouth County or Ocean County) and quite a bit shorter (50% in fact). It is simply a nice day to run and by all accounts a very fun event in which to run.....

....Even for those of us who were not born to do it and have merely picked it up along the way.


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