Friday, October 1, 2010

Still Thinking Pink After All These Years

Once upon a decade or three ago, when I was still a young man - in the halcyon days before my beard went gray and too many of the hairs in my head to count decided to follow suit - there was a radio station on the FM dial in New York City that anointed itself, "The Place Where Rock Lives." At one point, someone at WNEW 102.7 took a most Caesarean approach to the calendar. The tenth month of the year ceased to be known as October. Its new name: Rocktober.

Almost without cessation for the entire month, every on-air jock at 'NEW would refer to the date as "Rocktober" whatever each and every time they had reason to say a date on-air. Every club appearance by every band scheduled to be made during that month was advertised as a date in "Rocktober". To this day, every once in a while, one of my partners (presumably channeling the same fond memories of a bygone era as am I) refers to this month as "Rocktober". And then he smiles.

If you have pleasant memories of what emanated from that spot on the FM dial all those years ago, then believe me when I tell you that you do not want to pass by that way these days. There is a station on that frequency that daily tests the Professor's ability to turn completely over in his grave. As someone who loved to listen to the station back in the day, I cannot even stand passing by that spot on the dial accidentally. I have never asked him but I suspect for someone such as my brother Bill who worked there for a time it rises to the level of sacrilege. Perhaps not, Bill has a far better ability than do I to put things in their proper perspective.

While it was a lifetime ago - at least - when "Rocktober" was my favorite month, October has retained and actually gained a bit of panache for me as time has gone by. Margaret is an October baby after all. Today also begins Breast Cancer Awareness Month. If you are a woman or someone who has at least one woman in your life who you love and without whom you could not envision having to live, then perhaps you might want to spend a moment or two every day this month increasing your level of awareness through education. There are any number of excellent places to start. Here is one.

Which one is Pink? All of us. After all, it is Rocktober.


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