Sunday, October 17, 2010

Recapturing the Space Between

I suspect that most of my old classmates are sleeping in a bit this morning. The reunion that Karen organized was - it would seem to me in spite of my lack of personal experience in the undertaking - a success. Twenty-five years further on up the road from where we had last been together, at least 1/3 of our class reassembled. And to my surprise - and to my relief as well - it was a night long on laughter and short on awkward pauses.

People used the word "reconnecting" a lot last night. I do not know whether I would go that far or use that as my watchword for the evening. To me that implies something with staying power and - to drop a reference to how I earn my daily bread - I think the jury is out on that. A lot of faces once familiar to one another reassembled last evening. Many of those faces - at least in my case - belonged to people I had not seen in close to a quarter-century. Whether any of those faces belong to folks who I shall see again at some point sooner than 2035 I know not. And it matters not. It does not take away from last evening at all. Not even a little.

Presuming William Joel is right and life is indeed a series of hellos and goodbyes, last night a number of very good human beings had a chance to get together and say both of those things. For an evening at least, time receded and distance disappeared.

Well done Karen. Congratulations for pullng off such a terrific event. And thanks.


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