Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Everyone's Face Rings A Different Bell

If this is not your first time stumbling into this particular little American Highway Rest Stop on the information superhighway, then you know my thoughts on everyone else's thoughts. They are (much like me) pretty simple actually. I hope that everyone has them. If you have ones that from time to time echo my own, then bully for us. If they do not, no harm. As long as we both operate from the understanding that you and I thinking differently about the same thing does not make one of us (You - Duh!) the devil, unanimity of agreement is neither a goal nor a concern of mine.

For reasons that remain more than a bit of a mystery to me (although I suspect that the fact that I look fetching in a green blazer and can spell the school's motto Cognoscere et Conficere , (although I cannot fathom what it means) the earnest folks who are in charge of Alumni Relations at the Alma mater (high school edition) invited me last year to serve on the Board of the school's Alumni Association. We had our first meeting of the school year last night. Among the topics of discussion was the 2010 Fall Fair & Homecoming. In my humble opinion, it is the highlight of the school year. This year's edition shall take place on Saturday, October 16th.

Among the items of interest to me this year is that one of my old classmates Karen Leach has championed the cause of our class having its first-ever reunion. We are actually slightly more than 25 years removed from our graduation, which was June 1985. On Fall Fair/Homecoming night I think that close to 50% of the members of our graduating class are actually getting together on-campus for the reunion. I am at a loss to understand how exactly she pulled this all off but if I was wearing a hat as I write this, I would tip it to her.

Candidly, I have to add the disclaimer "as far as I know" to the statement that this is indeed our first reunion. For all I know, we have had them every year or every five years in the quarter-century since we graduated. I know simply that I have never attended one and prior to this year had never heard of one being on the docket. It should be a most interesting evening. For me, most of the faces I see and voices I hear shall belong to people I have neither seen nor spoken to in the past twenty-plus years (using college graduation as the Line of Demarcation in my memory). I hope that everyone I see a week from Saturday has had a happy past twenty-five years. If life has treated them as it has treated me since I last saw them, then there should not be a complaint to be heard. I certainly have none. Perhaps I will try to come up with one or two in time for the 50th.

I know not what the weather gods have in store for the good folks from W-H on the 16th of this month but I hope they smile upon them. If you are in the area, whether you have any direct connection to the school or not, it is worth your time to stop on in and check it out. It is a day on which the entire campus - and it is quite a place - comes alive. The colors of mid-October blend with the energy one finds at a locale populated by young people.

If you - like me - have a connection to the school - perhaps my Mater and your Mater are the same Mater, then you should certainly make time to visit. You may not recognize the place at first as much has changed since old people like me graduated from it last century. You will certainly see familiar faces on the faculty and staff and perhaps like me struggle over whether those you knew as "Ms." or "Mr." so-and-so are still to be called by that title or now should be referred to by you (one adult to another) by first name. Me? I always opt for the former and never for the latter.

And if you are an Alum, then even if your calendar for the day is booked solid, you should try to get by campus starting at 4:00 p.m. Rudy Brandl - who is the Director of Alumni Relations - and his crew have put together a program that has something for everyone. It is a good gig for those of us whose title is "Alumnus". Little is asked of us. Much is given.

If you have some wheels and you have some time to kill, then perhaps we shall see you there. I think you will think that you are happy you made the trip.


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